Attention US Orders:
We have 2 suggestions if you have just realized that your package is showing as delivered but not received:
① We suggest you check several other places around your address. In most cases, the mail carrier will leave the package at the perimeter of the delivery address. Maybe they don't have access to the front porch for some reason, or there are dogs in the house that they can't get to.
There are several places you can look for your package:
Front door, back door, inside your mailbox, in the common area of your apartment building where packages are stored, and in the surrounding neighborhood. In our experience, it is worthwhile to take the time to check some other less obvious places

② Other than that, contact USPS immediately and submit a Missing Mail Search Request on the official website - "help" - Submit a Missing Mail Search Request

Because the problem of USPS delivery is not a problem of our business, we will try our best to help our customers to solve the problem, and we hope that our customers can fully cooperate with us. Verify that we can resend the parcel if it is lost by USPS, but if the parcel is stolen because the parcel is delivered and not picked up in time, we will not be responsible for this, and we will submit the customer blacklist to the credit card bank if the payment is refused without any reason.

Deliverer: USPS, USA
Contact number: 0 800 275 8777
Service time: Monday through Friday:8:00-20:30; Saturday:8:00-18:00"
Official website:
Parcel Search Request:
Website to check the phone number of the nearest post office:


Thank you for your understanding